As a subset of Maher Center, Yazd APA Center offers the following services and activities

Educational activities

Application software security certificate (web or desktop)

Website and portal security certificate

Penetration test of software, website and portal

Dealing with cyber incidents

Publication of information related to information security

Security consulting

Organizing and maintaining answers to questions

Setting up and managing the related news section


Address: Iran, Yazd, Safaiyeh, University Blvd., Yazd University, CERT (APA) Center

Email address: apa @ offices.yazd.ac.ir

Fax:      00983538212786

Phone: 00983538212786

Phone: 00989131519112

Send your requests to this center so that the necessary action is taken


Maher Center, affiliated to the Information Technology Organization of Iran, provides the following cyber security services to non-infrastructure institutions and organizations 

Report of infected IPs from internal and external sources

Hyphenation and stability of systems

Continuous vulnerability scanning

Technical security evaluation of organizations

Cloud security services

Detect and prevent attacks

Penetration and vulnerability testing

Transfer of e-government cloud services

  Extracting the vulnerabilities of Websites

To use the above services, refer to the Maher center portal